Nikki Payne Pride and Protest

About the author:

By day, Nikki Payne is a curious anthropologist in Big Tech. By night, she dreams of ways to subvert canon literature. Inspired by the classics, she turns expectations on their head and delivers social commentary for the hopeless romantic. Her forthcoming sophomore novel Sex, Lies, and Sensibility is Schitt’s Creek meets Insecure and is equal parts hot and heartwarming. Payne is a member of Smut U, a premium feminist writing collective, and is a cat lady with no cats.

About the book:

In Nikki Payne’s debut novel Pride and Protest, hailed as “incandescent” by the Washington Post, a woman goes head-to-head with the CEO of a corporation threatening to destroy her neighborhood in this fresh and modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.



Six Bridges Book Festival: Regina Black & Nikki Payne

Regina Black’s The Art of Scandal is a steamy contemporary romance about a Black trophy wife who agrees to fake a perfect marriage for her cheating husband’s political campaign in exchange for a large divorce settlement but starts questioning her life choices when she falls for a handsome young artist.

In Nikki Payne’s debut novel Pride and Protest,

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