Quinn Connor Cicadas Sing of Summer Graves

About the author:

Quinn Connor is one pen in two hands: Robyn Barrow and Alexandra Cronin. An Arkansan and a Texan, respectively, Barrow and Cronin met in college and together developed their unique co-writing voice. Barrow is a PhD candidate in art history at the University of Pennsylvania. Cronin is a North Texas transplant living in Brooklyn with her cat, Prosper, and working in PR to fund her writing habit.

About the book:

Perfect for Swamplandia! fans, Cicadas Sing of Summer Graves is a debut novel of magical realism about three women, each drawn to the ruins of an old Southern town lost deep beneath the waves. One hundred years ago, yellow fever gripped the small lakeside town of Prosper, Arkansas. During a storm at the height of the summer swelter, the dam broke and the valley flooded—inundating the town and drowning everyone trapped inside. Now three young women—Cassie, Lark, and June—find themselves drawn to and repelled by the land that still bears the scars of so much death, longing for a fresh start and bearing witness to the ghosts of the past.