I have a card…

Great! You looked like someone who was in the know. We’ve compiled a list of things that your CALS card can help you access that you might not know about (or maybe you knew, but have forgotten to take advantage of lately). 

Hoopla– Your card gets you 5 free downloads from hoopla each month. You can choose from movies, TV shows, or graphic novels. Watch classic movies from the 80s or favorites from the Hallmark Channel. Log in here

Freegal– At this point, everyone has some streaming platform that they prefer, whether it’s Pandora, Spotify, or Apple Music. But in order to stream for free, there are ads. What if you had ad-free unlimited music streaming PLUS five free downloaded songs per week? That’s right – that’s what CALS and Freegal have to offer. And they have everything from brand new hits to Rock, Jazz, and everything in between. Set up your account here

Interlibrary loans– Through MOBIUS, CALS has access to millions of additional books. You can borrow everything from specialized reference materials to hard to find fiction, at no cost to you.

Read Magazines– Flip through your favorite magazines, from cooking to celebrity gossip – all available digitally. Browse from thousands of titles, check out the options here.

Read the paper CALS offers multiple newspaper options, including the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and the New York Times.

Borrow a thing – While it seems obvious to leave the library with a stack of books, the “library of things” makes it so you can leave with a useful item that you maybe aren’t ready to buy. Think telescopes, tools, toys, bird watching kits, mobile hot spots, and even seeds. 

Events – Whether you’re looking to learn something new, gain a new skill, or simply want to have a little fun, CALS has a calendar packed with events for all ages across all the branches. Check out the monthly Program Guide for the latest events. 

There’s tons more where this came from, too. Everything from free meals and transportation made available through Be Mighty Little Rock, Book Club Kits, Notary Services, even Used Book Sales (disclaimer, you don’t have to have a CALS card to take advantage of the sales).

If you love your CALS card and know someone who might benefit from having one, send this to them.