Summer Reading Club presents Museum of Discovery – Oceans of Possibilities

(1-25 Guests)

Hot/Cold Demonstration (Thermo Stratification)

This demo will help to show how layers of water will separate themselves based on temperature. Cold, dense water sinks to the bottom and hot, less dense water rises to the top.

Hands-on Buoyancy Test

This hands-on activity will allow guests to see the difference in density between saltwater and freshwater and how that affects the buoyancy of an object.


Lawyers In The Library – Public Benefits

The Central Arkansas Library System and the Center for Arkansas Legal Services have once again teamed up to offer Lawyers in the Library! Come listen to legal presentations and an opportunity to ask a lawyer your civil legal question. Topics include Criminal Record Sealing and Public Benefits like SNAP and SSI, and will end with a record-sealing clinic.

Williams Library Highlights

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Library Manager

Latina Sheard

Hours of Operation

  • Mon 9:00AM - 6:00PM
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About the Library

Sue Cowan Williams Library was constructed in 1997 in downtown Little Rock. In addition to a wide selection of books and audio/visual items, the 8,500-square-feet facility offers public computers, wireless Internet access, and a public meeting room. Williams offers a wide range of programs for children and teens.

Point of Interest

Sue Cowan Williams

Sue Cowan Williams represented African-American teachers in the Little Rock School District as the plaintiff in the case challenging the rate of salaries allotted to teachers in the district based solely on skin color. The tenth library in the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) is named after her. It was the most expensive building constructed to date in the library system and appropriately serves the community near the historic Dunbar High School building.