French Artist Donates Sculpture to CALS

Just prior to the pandemic, French artist, Stéphane Bolongaro, donated a large dog sculpture to the Central Arkansas Library System; “Totor” is a pop-art style sculpture made from resin. The 10-foot-tall dog covered in large orange spots can be seen from the parking lot of the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library & Learning Center, 4800 W. 10th Street, casually leaning against a tree in the library’s Interpretation Amphitheater. (See photo attached)

Totor is a work from the artist’s imagination, but the idea was loosely inspired by his mother’s Jack Russel dog. Similar Totor dog pieces can be found in North Miami Beach, Detroit, and several can be seen around the artists home of Nice, France. There, Totor can be found cruising by on a bike or skateboard, leaning on many a tree, and sitting on a bench.

Additionally, there are many works of art that can be seen on the grounds of the Children’s Library, although none quite as contemporary as Totor. The storywalk aptly takes you on a guided story of a dog named Spot and showcases several sculptures and artworks.

For more information, call the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library & Learning Center at 978-3870.

About the Artist
Born June 30, 1963, from Nice, France, Bolongaro comes from a family of artists. When he was a child, he was found to be exceptionally gifted and managed to develop aspects of his personality through the expression of his art. He began by sculpting robots in 1999 and incorporated everyday objects such as televisions and hi-fi stereo systems. He spent a period working on UFOs and aliens. His work is often described as playful and humorous; he loves to feed his inner child through his work.