Naming of CALS Facilities

The Central Arkansas Library System Board of Directors may choose to name buildings, distinct features of buildings (auditoriums, meeting rooms, etc.), collections, and gardens. This policy applies to property that is maintained by the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS). The Board of Directors is under no obligation to name any property that it maintains, but if the Board decides to take such action, then it shall be guided by the following principles.

  1. The final responsibility for selecting any name rests with the Board of Directors.
  2. Only the following categories of persons are eligible for consideration:
    1. writers, social scientists, educators, scientists, and members of similar disciplines who have made substantial and recognized intellectual contributions to their particular discipline. Evidence of those contributions must include publications;
    2. local, state, and national leaders who, by their public service, have clearly demonstrated a strong commitment to public education and/or public libraries;
    3. librarians, trustees, and friends of the library who have given substantial amounts of time, money, or materials to improve the Central Arkansas Library System. There must be compelling evidence that those contributions substantially improved the level of service and/or resources that CALS offers to the public.
  1. The person must be someone who was born in either the service area of the Central Arkansas Library System or who lived or worked in that area for a period of years.
  2. The name of no living person shall be given to a CALS building. An exception to this rule shall be made if the person under consideration has made
    1. intellectual or public service contributions that are national in scope or
    2. contributions to the Central Arkansas Library System that are extraordinarily significant.

    The naming of any CALS property after a living person shall require a two-thirds affirmative vote of all members of the Board of Directors. This rule does not apply to features of a building, collections, or gardens – only buildings.

  1. The Board of Directors shall encourage public input and comment in any selection process for a building, but not a component thereof, or other feature. That input and comment may be sought by holding public hearings, appointing advisory committees, polling citizens, or by any other similar method approved by the board.
  2. The Board of Directors shall make every effort to ensure that the diverse community that the library serves is represented in the buildings, features of buildings, collections, and gardens that it decides to name. However, the Board’s guiding principle shall be to select the best person for any honor that it chooses to bestow.

Policy Information

Board Policy #600
Board Approval: 05/10/90
Revision: 10/09/01, 10/28/92, 3/19/96, 8/22/13, 07/25/19