Membership in Civic Clubs


The purpose of this policy is to encourage Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) senior staff to participate in local civic clubs to build better relationships with the community leadership of the CALS service area.


All senior staff members who report to the Executive Director, branch heads, department heads, and those staff members who, in the Executive Director’s opinion, perform duties of high public visibility shall be eligible for financial support for civic club memberships.


Participating staff must be active members in a local civic club, which is defined as any organization that solicits its membership on a non-discriminatory basis and whose primary mission is service to the community. Organizations whose memberships are (1) limited to a specific profession or (2) involved in narrow special interest activities are excluded. The status of any civic club shall be determined by the Director.


A. On approval by the Executive Director, eligible staff members shall be entitled to reimbursement for any annual membership fee not to exceed $200.

B. Proof of the cost of the annual membership shall be submitted to the Director for approval.

C. Funds shall only be expended from CALS foundation accounts.

Policy Information

Board Policy #102
Board Approval: 12/12/90
Revision: 07/25/19
Director’s Recommendation: 12/12/90