Exhibits & Public Bulletin Boards

Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) welcomes the opportunity for organizations or individuals to use the various display areas of the libraries in the system, subject to availability and approval by CALS. CALS provides space for educational, civic, cultural, or recreational displays, but not for political or commercial purposes. Use of display space does not imply CALS Board of Trustees’ approval of the beliefs, positions, or actions of any group or individual using CALS display space.

Arrangements to use the display space in the Main Library are made through application to the Head of Main or their designee. Arrangements to use display space in branch libraries are made through application with branch managers. An exhibition agreement will be signed by CALS and the exhibitor.

Bulletin boards at the Main Library and branches are available for use by organizations for the posting of flyers, as space allows. Requests for system-wide posting must be made through Marketing and Resource Development (MRD) at the Main Library for distribution. Requests for posting at an individual library may be made through the branch manager.

Material accepted for posting must be 1) relevant to the particular library where it is posted, and/or 2) must have an imminent date or timeframe of an event. Flyers may be denied, due to space limitations. Material cannot promote for-profit entities. No material considered harmful to minors may be posted. No materials may be posted for longer than six months. Information accepted for posting will be stamped with the date of posting and a mark indicating approval. If no such marks are stamped on the material, the library will remove the material from the board. All posted material will be removed by library staff when the information is no longer current and/or relevant.

Policy Information

Board Policy #402
Board Approval: 07/26/89
Revision: 02/26/98, 09/24/98, 03/24/05, 07/25/19
Director’s Recommendation: 07/26/89