Circulation & Fees


The Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) provides free library cards to persons residing in or paying property taxes in our taxing areas which are Pulaski County (excluding North Little Rock) and Perry County. Students and educators at educational institutions in our taxing area are also eligible for CALS library cards. Those living outside of the CALS taxing area may obtain a library card by paying a non-resident fee in an amount set by the Executive Director and determined by a periodic estimation of the approximate amount of library taxes paid by the average property owner in the CALS service area.

Library administration will establish guidelines for verifying the identity and residency of library card applicants.
By applying for a library card the customer agrees to abide by all library policies and procedures.


To ensure the most equitable use of library resources, library administration will establish guidelines for check-out privileges including but not limited to borrowing periods, limits on number of items that may be borrowed, and conditions under which check-out privileges will be suspended.

CALS may restrict or deny check out privileges for anyone who violates library rules.


Reasonable fees and charges will be determined by the Executive Director and may be updated periodically as is necessary.

CALS reserves the right to waive any of the aforementioned rules if special circumstances make such a waiver advisable.

Policy Information

Board Policy #401

Board Approval: 6/14/89
Revision: 12/12/93, 12/27/94, 9/26/95, 4/01/98, 1/27/00, 4/24/01, 4/25/02, 7/15/02, 2/12/03, 4/22/10, 3/28/13, 5/26/16, 1/25/18, 4/26/18, 07/25/19, 1/23/20
Director’s Recommendation: 6/7/89