The Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) receives funds from a variety of sources–federal, state, county, and city. The Central Arkansas Library System Board of Directors recognizes the need to exercise due diligence with regard to the expenditure of public funds and to ensure proper use of public funds in procurement of materials and services.

The purchasing policy of the Central Arkansas Library System is based on a review of state statutes, county guidelines, and City of Little Rock ordinances governing the use of public funds for purchasing materials and services.

City of Little Rock Ordinance No. 15,733, “AN ORDINANCE REQUIRING COMPLIANCE WITH CITY FISCAL POLICIES BY ORGANIZATIONS RECEIVING SUBSIDY, GRANT, OR LOAN FUNDING FROM THE CITY OF LITTLE ROCK, OR USING THE CITY’S NAME FOR BOND FINANCING,” defines CALS as a “Covered Entity” of the City of Little Rock. Section 3.1.A. states, “each Covered Entity shall be responsible for executing its own purchase transactions. It shall, however, use the latest edition of the City of Little Rock Purchasing Manual as a procedural guide. Strict compliance with City purchasing policies and procedures shall be at the option of the Covered Entity.”

In order to comply with Ordinance No. 15,733 of the City of Little Rock, CALS shall use the City of Little Rock Purchasing Manual as a guideline for purchasing procedures, except where federal, state, or county regulations prevail. Procedures for selecting and purchasing books and library materials for public use, and compatible computer equipment for internal and public use, are unique to library operations. Books and public-use library materials selections are the responsibility of the Collection Development Department. Computer equipment for library operations and public use is selected by the Computer and network Services Department.

All purchasing decisions and bid selections will be made in the best interest of CALS.

Policy Information

Board Policy #203
Board Approval: 06/21/94
Revision: 05/23/02, 07/25/19
Director’s Recommendation: 06/21/94