Membership in Neighborhood Associations

PURPOSE   The purpose of this policy is to encourage CALS staff members to participate in neighborhood organizations to build better relationships between the library and groups who are working to improve conditions in their respective neighborhoods.

ELIGIBILITY   All full and part-time staff members are eligible.

CONDITIONS   The neighborhood association must be a non-profit entity organized primarily to work on issues in a defined geographic area. Organizations such as improvement districts that are established primarily to manage, support, or otherwise assist private or members only facilities are not eligible.

The organizations must accept members on a non-discriminatory basis.

The CALS employee must live within the boundaries defined by the neighborhood association or meet the minimum guidelines that are required by the association for membership.

LIMITS OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT   On approval of the Director, CALS staff members shall be entitled to a reimbursement of 50% of the annual dues of the neighborhood association. In no case shall the reimbursement exceed $25 per year.

CALS shall pay for no more than 50% of one neighborhood association membership. Fees for membership in additional neighborhood associations are not eligible.

Proof of the cost of the annual membership such as a canceled check or a receipt stating that the CALS employee has paid his or her annual dues, must be submitted to the Director before a reimbursement will be authorized.

Funds for neighborhood association memberships shall only be expended from the Endowment Fund.

Policy Information

Board Policy #103
Board Approval: 12/27/94
Director’s Recommendation: 12/27/94