Inspection of CALS Facilities

The Director is responsible for monitoring the physical condition of all properties that are owned or operated by CALS. That responsibility shall be exercised as follows:

  • The Director shall have prepared an inspection form to be used as a guide to examine the physical condition of each building and its respective components.
  • The Head of the Maintenance Department of CALS shall conduct quarterly inspections of all properties owned or managed by CALS to evaluate the physical condition of said properties. Results of these inspections shall be noted on the inspection forms with copies provided to the Director.
  • If the inspection reveals any problems that need immediate attention and require financial expenditures that exceed budgeted amounts, those problems shall be brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees at the earliest opportunity.
  • The Director shall submit an annual report to the Board of Trustees which evaluates the physical condition and repair needs of all properties owned or operated by CALS.
  • This policy shall not be construed to limit the routine maintenance procedures or to interfere with maintenance emergencies on any building owned or operated by CALS.

Policy Information

Board Policy #601
Board Approval: 06/07/89, 02/23/94
Director’s Recommendation: 06/07/89