Gifts & Memorials

The Board of Trustees reaffirms the policy that unsolicited gifts will be subject to the same selection policies and procedures used for choosing any other material for the library’s collection.

Any donated materials not added to library collections will be given to FOCAL’s book sale or River Market Books & Gifts, sponsored by FOCAL.

Monetary gifts not designated for a specific purpose will be deposited in the Endowment Fund/Gifts Account.

MEMORIALS AND TRIBUTES   Gift books donated to CALS as Memorials or Tributes are subject to CALS’ Materials Selection Policy. Books to be added to the collection will be cataloged and will bear a bookplate with the name of the person being memorialized or honored.

All monetary gifts designated as Memorials or Tributes will be deposited in the Endowment Fund/Gifts Account and recognized by placing a bookplate bearing the name of the person being memorialized or honored in a new volume. A subject area may be requested, but specific titles generally are not ordered. Appropriate titles will be chosen by a designated CALS staff member as newly purchased volumes are received at the library. Bookplates will be affixed during the cataloging process. Unless a specific location is designated, memorial/tribute books will be shelved at the Main Library.

GIFTS TO THE GENEALOGY DEPARTMENT   Genealogical societies donate most of the books added to the Genealogy collection. Most such books are small press publications, and are selected by the groups making the donation. Genealogy book donors order and purchase books of their choice and then present them to the library for cataloging and processing. Material added to the Genealogy collection becomes the property of CALS.

GIFT PROCESSING   All gifts received by CALS branches or departments shall be forwarded to the administrative office for acknowledgment, processing, and record keeping. Memorials and tributes given to CALS and to FOCAL will be recognized in a public manner.

Policy Information

Board Policy #200
Board Approval: 05/10/89
Revision: 08/28/91, 07/11/02
Director’s Recommendation: 05/10/89