Employee Sick Leave Pool Program


The purpose of the Sick Leave Pool is to allow employees, on a volunteer basis, to contribute Paid Time Off (PTO) hours to a pool from which, under specified conditions, contributing employees may draw partial payment leave benefits. This policy is not intended to be a substitute for an employee’s accrued leave but to provide temporary financial assistance through partial payment of leave benefits during a lengthy illness experienced by the employee or by a member of the employee’s family which requires the employee to provide care during the recovery period. The Sick Leave Pool Program is intended to provide short-term assistance until the employee is eligible for long-term disability benefits or is able to return to work. For the purpose of this policy, a lengthy illness is defined as one which results in a minimum absence of ten working days.

Policy Information

Board Policy #106
Board Approval: 06/26/91
Revision: 04/28/93, 01/26/98, 03/28/02, 07/25/19
Director’s Recommendation: 05/22/91