2021 Festival Guide Published

At one point this year I wondered if fingers could actually start bleeding from typing? Yes, that is a touch dramatic. I still need to Google it, though.

It has definitely been another interesting year, which forced us to dig a little deeper, and solve new challenges, adapt, and pivot again. Staying “nimble” was definitely a goal when we woke up not knowing what to expect, so, we sought solace by trying to infuse this year’s event with jolts of inspiration and even more dazzling luminaries.

Prepare to travel to the classic fairy tale world of The Princess Bride, understand more about the plight of the undocumented immigrant, learn briefly about murder and medicine in Victorian England, and hear more about sex and consent in the here and now. Then, skate through riveting essays, before buckling up as you journey through exciting new fiction and to the fantasy landscapes of tomorrow.

More than 50 free programs cover everything from ethics, Edible Books, and graphic novels to picture books. Explore faith, Roman art history, food, metabolism, poetry, nature, even hear a bit about a pet mongoose. And speaking of pets, your own pet can participate in the event this year!

Please, we hope all will enjoy this bang-up Festival.

Brad Mooy,
Festival Coordinator