Book Boyfriend Battle

He’s thoughtful. He’s hot. He takes out the trash without being asked. Clearly, this dream guy doesn’t exist…except in books. We’ve rounded up some of the best book boyfriends in the library and we want you to choose a winner. Here’s how:

  1. Review the Book Boyfriends competing in each bracket below.
  2. Bookmark this page and return each week to vote, from Monday at noon until Thursday at midnight.
  3. Each week, everyone who votes will be put into a drawing for a prize. Winners may choose between two movie tickets to the CALS Ron Robinson Theater or $10 in Basement Bucks for the Friends Used Book Sale. One entry per person per week; you can only win the weekly drawing once during the contest.
  4. Prize winners and the Book Boyfriend Battle winner will be announced Friday, April 10.

Outlander‘s Jamie Fraser is the winner. Thanks for playing!