Whitney Easterling of Guidelines By WhitneyE

What inspired you to start your entrepreneurial journey, and how do you hope your work will impact women’s lives or the broader community?

As a child, I faced significant bullying due to my struggle with my hair. This experience led me to create The Guideline By WhitneyE, with the aim of ensuring that women dealing with hair loss never feel embarrassed, inadequate, or depressed because of that again.

Can you share a significant challenge you’ve faced as a woman entrepreneur and how you overcame it? What did this experience teach you?

Being taken seriously when conducting business with men. However now I make it clear through my demeanor, and speech that I’m here to conduct business professionally and not to play around. I learned that you teach people how to treat you.

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs and where do you see your business in the next five years?

Pray 1st always, use wisdom, and remember that if this isn’t the thing it’s the thing that leads to the thing. If someone tells you no, ask the next person until you get a YES! In the next 5 years, I envision establishing multiple Salon/Cranial Prothesis Stores across the country, and I’ll be providing training programs for women to help open their own salons.