Makerspace/501 Makers

Located on the basement floor, 501 Makers provides collaborative workspace and access to tools and knowledge for makers and artists to transform ideas into tangible products and intellectual works. 501 Makers exists to help you bring your ideas to life.

Available items include: Sewing machines, embroidery machine, sewing supplies, painting & drawing supplies, screen printing machine, 3D printer.


Coworking Space/The Village

Are you a small business owner? Are you looking for a space to work, collaborate, and connect with other small business owners, particularly offline? If so, we want to invite you to join the Rock It! Lab Coworking space! The Rock It! Lab, located in the Cox Building across from the Main Library downtown, is an entrepreneurial resource center for under-resourced entrepreneurs, and we have an awesome coworking space on our 2nd floor created just for you. With a copy center, conference room, hi-speed WIFI and more, the space is perfect for when you need a different environment from home. Click below to apply.

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The River Shop

Located on the first floor, the River Shop provides a co-retail space for local entrepreneurs to showcase and sell a variety of creative works, goods and merchandise.

In addition to being a retail shop for our entrepreneurs, the River Shop is also a training space for these business owners – teaching them the skills needed to distribute and market their products on a broader scale, as well as the keys to excelling at customer service.

Join us every Saturday from 10am-4pm for The River Shop Pop-Up Market. Support some of the city’s newest small business owners and be the first of your friends to have the latest trends.