Tiffany Thomas of TMT’s Sweet n’ Treats

My inspiration comes from my experience in the kitchen. I got my start at cooking and baking at a young age, as I used to help my mom and grandmother. Cooking and baking has always been a passion since then. I hope to inspire other women by showing that no matter how different a business idea may be, it is still worth pursuing to make it a reality.

Challenges I’ve faced as a woman entrepreneur and as a start-up business would be finding sources that give a chance to first time business owners (grants, loans, landlords, etc.). This can be challenging, as first time businesses are viewed as risky. As women, we also have to be careful we are not being taken advantage of (i.e. prices, rent/lease). My experience in these areas taught me to learn from every mistake and to keep going until I get a yes.

My advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs would be to have 3 key things: a solid business plan, the right help/advisors, and the right mindset to execute your plan.

In the next five years, I see my business as well established and successful in a physical location/building owned by me. I hope to show other women that they can reach their goals if they keep at it and never give up.