Tenacity is the name of the game for Hezekiah Pierce

A call to book a lawn appointment with Hezekiah Pierce is more than yard service. For Pierce, being amidst fresh air is conducive to doing God’s work. Tending to nature, God’s gift to humans, is a work that Pierce finds ultra-satisfying and noble.

Being free in nature has not always been the story behind this man, whose reputation as a master lawn technician precedes him. Decades ago, Pierce made decisions that cost him time and freedom, landing him in prison. An optimist, he used this time for quiet reflection and study of small business concepts. This inspired him to become a self-taught entrepreneur and upon his release, his path eventually led him to the Rock It! Lab.

Determined to create a new narrative for himself, Pierce gathered the necessary knowledge and formed a lawn maintenance business. Wanting to further his understanding and probability of success as a business owner, Pierce joined the inaugural cohort of the Rock It! Lab Business Incubator program in 2021.

Steadily over the 6-month program, the Rock It! Lab team noted Pierce’s fierce dedication and tenacity – he ended with 100% attendance and full participation, sometimes against all odds. Pierce stated that the Rock It! Lab’s engaging content and commitment to meeting participants where they are powered his belief of what was and is possible.

His lawn care business has gone on to generated repeat residential and commercial clients throughout central Arkansas since graduating from the Business Incubator program as the winner of the student pitch competition, landing him over $7000 worth of prizes and awards.

Pierce cites perfection as being a hallmark and lynchpin to his success. “I don’t know what it is, but when I begin to work, I just feel like I can work all day to get every job right – and perfect. I never get tired.”

This infectious energy is felt when sitting to visit with Mr. Pierce. One can’t help but feel immediate adoration for his positive stance and strength of purpose towards cultivating his small business and encouraging other young men to make wise choices. As he has proven to himself and others, time has been redeeming and this servant is being rewarded.

(Also, one can’t help but to wonder what local, state, and national policy officials are doing to abolish and revise antiquated mandates and laws that drastically limit Americans who’ve paid their debts to society and who have proven – and continue to prove – the fallacy in the outdated notion that once an offender always an offender.)

Perfection and perseverance pay off – figuratively and literally. What’s next for Mr. Pierce? “I am researching finance options to buy a new truck and advanced leaf blowing equipment that I read about. It will increase my speed and allow me to get more clients so that I can do more work. I love to work.”

Spoken like a true small business owner.