Not Afraid: The Evolution of Eminem
by Anthony Bozza


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Not Afraid: The Evolution of Eminem, the sequel to the New York Times bestseller Whatever You Say I Am, chronicles the past 20 years of rapper Eminem’s life, based on exclusive interviews with the artist, his friends, and his associates. In 1999, a former dishwasher from Detroit named Marshall Bruce Mathers III became the most controversial and polarizing musical artist in the world. He was an outlier, a white artist creating viable art in a typically black medium, telling stories with such verbal dexterity, nimble wit, and shocking honesty that his music and persona resonated universally. In short, Eminem changed the landscape of pop culture as we knew it. At the height of his fame, he all but disappeared. Beset by nonstop controversy, bewildering international fame, a debilitating drug problem, and personal tragedy, he became reclusive, withdrawing to his Detroit-area compound, before eventually getting clean. He has triumphantly returned to a very different landscape and continued his streak of number-one albums and multiplatinum singles.


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