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Edwards & Scott, and Weaver, and their book covers

Edwards, Scott, and Weaver

The husband-and-wife team of documentarian Amber Edwards and author Justin Scott collaborated for the first time to write the suspense/adventure novel Forty Days and Forty Nights, inspired by Edwards’s unfinished documentary about an extraordinary Arkansas cousin. When the Mississippi River floods, Army Corps of Engineers officer Clementine Price works to protect the people and homeland she loves while a richly funded domestic terrorist weaponizes the looming natural disaster. Rhona Weaver, who had a thirty-five-year career in agricultural appraisal and founded a program for at-risk children, lives in West Little Rock with her husband, who is retired from the FBI. In A Noble Calling, FBI agents and park rangers at Yellowstone National Park face a murderous militia, a determined assassin, and a self-styled prophet – and a rookie agent must overcome adversity and danger to find redemption.

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Date and Time

October 23 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am