Look Back at the 2021 Six Bridges Book Festival

Thank you to all attendees, authors, moderators, sponsors, partners, donors, committee chairs, committee members, publicists, media helpers, WITS schools, students, volunteers, contest entrants, contest voters, CALS staff members, and anyone we forgot to mention, who helped make the 2021 Festival a banquet for the mind. If you missed anything this year, you should be able to catch up with the information below.

Trick or Toga Contest Winners

The Six Bridges Book Festival introduced a new contest this year: Trick or Toga. Festival-goers were asked to submit a photo of their pet in a Halloween costume or a video of their pet performing their best trick. The winners of each category receive $250. The winning entries was announced on our YouTube channel at 4:00pm Sunday, October 31.

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2022 Classics in Context Selection

book cover of The Shining by Stephen King

Each year, the Six Bridges Book Festival asks the public to choose a classic text which will be the subject of a featured presentation at the next year’s Festival. This year, 20 books written by a variety of authors and representing the spectrum of styles, genres, and time periods were in the running. Only one book, however, will be the 2022 Classic in Context: The Shining, by Stephen King.

Thank you to all who voted and we look forward to having to leave the lights on with you next year as we discuss Mr. King’s classic tale of murder and mayhem at the Overlook Hotel.

Tasty Reads Contest Winners

Tasty Reads, CALS’ Edible Book event, is back. We called for book-related entries constructed of edible substances. The public was asked to vote in three categories between October 25 and October 30. Three prizes have been awarded: 1) $300 to the best entry in the 18 and Over category, 2) $100 to the best entry in the Under 18 category, and 3) $100 to the entry in either category deemed “funniest”. The winning entry in each contest was announced on Sunday, October 31, at 6:30pm.

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