Rules of Conduct

Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) is a limited public forum that is open to the public for specified purposes: reading, studying, and using library materials and meeting facilities. CALS permits the public to exercise rights that are consistent with those purposes, and endeavors to ensure that the public is allowed to pursue those purposes without encountering unreasonable nuisances in its facilities. Therefore, the CALS Board of Directors hereby promulgates the following rules for using its facilities.


Level 1: Actions that require immediate removal from the library premises

Based on the severity of the infraction of Rules 1-6, the removal may be either temporary or permanent*. (Persons violating Rule #6 shall be allowed to reenter the library without prejudice providing their hygiene meets the generally accepted standard of the community.)

  1. Persons who deface or mutilate any library property shall be immediately banned from the library. It is the policy of the Board that such persons be prosecuted under appropriate statutes. This especially applies to anyone guilty of defacing or mutilating books, periodicals, or other collections.
  2. Persons carrying any weapon may not enter the library and shall be immediately removed and it is the policy of the Board that such persons be prosecuted. The only exception is for people in possession of a concealed handgun license recognized by the State of Arkansas.
  3. Persons who urinate or defecate anywhere on the premises other than authorized restrooms shall be immediately banned from the library and may be charged under appropriate ordinances, statutes, etc.
  4. Persons engaged in indecent exposure shall be immediately banned from the library and may be charged under appropriate ordinances, statutes, etc.
  5. Persons engaged in fighting, abusive language, or other aggressive behavior shall be banned from the library and may be charged under appropriate ordinances, statutes, etc.
  6. Personal hygiene shall conform to the generally accepted standard of the community. Patrons whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other persons shall be required to leave the building.

Level 2: Actions that require a written copy of the rules and/or verbal warning, but if repeated are subject to further action

Except when someone refuses to comply after being counseled or officially warned about violations of the rules of conduct, CALS employees will try to counsel persons about their violation prior to taking official action regarding Rules 7-23. Both security personnel and CALS employees may counsel persons as many times as they deem appropriate. When possible, actions will be progressive according to the following forder: 1) Verbal Warning; 2) Written Warning (Form #400A); 3) Temporary removal from library premises; 4) Indefinite suspension from library premises.

  1. Persons in the library shall be engaged in using library materials, services, or facilities for their intended purpose.
  2. Persons shall not harass or annoy other patrons or staff through noisy or boisterous activities.
  3. Persons shall not harass or annoy other persons or staff by unnecessarily staring at or following another person about the building.
  4. All patrons must wear shoes and, as appropriate, trousers, outer shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, shirts, and/or T-shirts.
  5. Patrons may eat or drink only in designated areas of the library.
  6. Smoking, use of tobacco products, and electronic nicotine delivery devices are prohibited on CALS property.
  7. Sleeping is not permitted in the library.
  8. No animals, except service animals accompanying persons with disabilities, are allowed in the library.
  9. Nonlibrary-approved solicitation in any form is forbidden.
  10. Public rest rooms shall not be used for bathing, shaving, washing clothing, or inappropriate behavior.
  11. Conversations, including cell phone conversations, that disturb other patrons or interfere with the ability of the staff to perform its duties are forbidden. Volume from earphones and other portable devices should not be so loud as to disturb others. Speakerphone and speaker functions shall not be used inside the library.
  12. Littering of the building and library grounds is forbidden.
  13. Patrons’ personal belongings must not block access to walkways, computers, or other library resources, and must not be left unattended. Any carrying device that is allowed in the library is subject to search when the person leaves the building, in accordance with Arkansas Statute 13-2-805.
  14. Patrons, regardless of age, who are unable or unwilling to care for themselves must have adequate supervision and may not be left alone in the library. Caregivers must be attentive to the needs of persons in their care.
    **Note: Follow this link for more information about caregiver responsibilities and our Safe Child Procedures.
  15. The police department will be called if children under 12 years of age are left unattended in front of the building prior to regular opening time or have not been picked up by 15 minutes after closing time.
  16. Library computer users must sign in and agree to the Rules and Responsibilities for Public Computer and Internet Use.
  17. Patrons shall not enter spaces marked “Staff Only” unless they have permission from a member of the library staff.

*Reinstatement of library privileges shall occur only by written order of the Executive Director and only after the Executive Director is convinced that the person is ready to conform to CALS rules. In the case of children 16 and under, such reinstatement of privileges may occur only after a conference between a parent or legal guardian of the child and the Director or a designee thereof.

Policy Information

Board Policy #400
Board Approval: 02/22/89
Revision: 03/29/94, 11/20/97, 01/22/98, 08/29/00, 09/28/12, 09/22/16, 07/26/18, 07/25/19
Director’s Recommendation: 02/22/89
Legal Advice: 03/9/93