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The following information is for social events and receptions, such as weddings, showers, and birthday parties. However, the facility may also be scheduled for non-social events as well, such as civic, church, or club meetings.

Facility: The facility includes a spacious open room which includes a stage, and a lower-level area which includes a kitchen. There are also a variety of private rooms throughout. The property also features a gazebo and lawn area for outside use.

Fees: The fee is $125/hour (prorated to the half hour with a minimum charge of $62.5), from event time through clean up. Occupation beyond the determined time of departure will be billed separately at a non-prorated $175/hour (or deducted from refundable deposit).

Times Available: Available Monday through Sunday. Events may begin any time. Because the facility is located within a residential neighborhood, events and clean-up must be concluded no later than 10:30 p.m. No refunds will be made for unused hours. To determine availability of spaces, contact facilities manager.

Deposit: A refundable deposit of $250 is required to hold the facility. Full payment must be made at least two weeks prior to event. After a satisfactory inspection of the facility, this will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy: CALS strives to be reasonable about cancellations, however, refunds may be denied if a cancellation is made less than two weeks prior to an event.

Furniture and Equipment: A variety of furnishings are available, including eleven 60” round tables, and a variety of 6 and 8 ft. rectangle tables, and approximately 150 folding chairs with black covers. No linens, table decorations, or other equipment is provided. There are no prohibitions on renting equipment to bring in for events. However, it will be the user’s responsibility to arrange for pick by the conclusion of the event. Personal or rented items may not be left over night.

Set up and Clean Up: Users are responsible for all indoor and outdoor set up, including meeting outside vendors. Up to two free hours will be given to users for set up for events lasting 2 or more hours, on the day of the event (one free hour will be given to users for set up for events lasting up to 2 hours, on day of the event). Users are responsible for returning all furnishings to appropriate storage, setting up chairs with covers theater-style in main hall, clearing out all rented equipment, and leaving the entire facility, including kitchen, bathrooms, all flooring and surfaces, clean and free of debris or spills, and carrying trash to outside bins. Users assume full responsibility for any damage to the room or contents. Misuse of abuse of library property will be prosecuted. CALS will not be responsible for any items left in the facility.

Catering Requirement: A professionally accredited, licensed caterer, or any commercially-prepared food service provider of your choice is required for all refreshments served. While staffed service is not required for food, a dedicated bartender is required for the service of alcohol. Self-service of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. No kegs are allowed. No money may be exchanged for alcohol, either as payment or donation.

Interior Decorations: The use of confetti, tape or staples on any surface is prohibited. No decorative objects, including false flower petals, may be scattered on the flooring. Nothing may be hung from the ceiling or walls. Open flame, taper-style candles are prohibited. All candles must be votive-style or encased in protective glass, and must be limited to tables. Candles (particularly smoke from extinguished candles) can cause the fire alarms to be activated, automatically dispatching the fire department. Users will be responsible for any resulting fines issued by the fire department.

Garden/Gazebo Area: Garden torches or other open flames are not allowed. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the property, including the garden. Set up of the garden must occur the day of the scheduled event and it is the user’s responsibility to secure outdoor items. Only real flower petals and birdseed may be scattered outside. The folding chairs and tables provided in the main hall may not be used outside.

Occupancy Limits: A 100 person limit is suggested. In considering room set up, each user will have to determine how much room is desired for seating, band/DJ, dancing, socializing, food and bars.

House Management: Users can expect a CALS staff member to be available during the event for questions, and to help direct clean up and inspect for cleanliness.

Statement of Liability: Users assume full responsibility for any illness or injury resulting from the event, including food poisoning and alcohol consumption, and for loss or damage of property of any guest or other person at the event. The user also assumes full responsibility for damage to or theft of CALS’ equipment and/or other property of CALS caused by anyone entering the premises as a result of said event. The user will compensate CALS for such damage or theft.