Whippoorwill Mountain Jewelry

Cindy Snow Kopack’s first loves were the outdoors and the biological sciences. She began her thirty-six-year career in forestry after graduating from a Little Rock high school and then attaining a BS in forest management. With working at eleven different duty stations between the Arkansas Forestry Commission and the U.S. Forest Service, she concentrated on her career rather than pursuing any creative outlet. After she first moved to the Mountain View area for her job with the U.S. Forest Service over sixteen years ago, she discovered what a hidden gem of arts and crafts Mountain View is, drawing people from all over the country. Seven years later, she was transferred to another location but returned after retirement four years ago.

Her obsession with jewelry making began by taking a class in silversmithing at the Arkansas Craft School in Mountain View in early 2018. Since then, she has continued her education with classes at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock as well as the Arkansas Craft School with many accomplished metalsmiths and metal clay artists.

“There is always so much to learn – I want to do it all!” she says. “The reactions of metal to physical impacts, chemicals, and heat are fascinating. The bulk of my creations are fine or sterling silver, bronze, copper, and brass, with a few natural stones and CZ’s for added interest. Using copper enamel and patinas to add color is also a favorite of mine, when I have the time…”