Tom Flynn

Tom Flynn has been doing found object metal art for the last fifteen years. He lives in Rogers, Arkansas, where he works as a lighting and electrical designer. Flynn also brews beer, makes homemade root beer, writes music, and plays several types of musical instruments. He spent several years studying to be a Catholic priest, and later spent many more years as a Benedictine monk.

Artist Statement:

I want my work to look like what it is made out of, and I try not to change the shape of the materials I use. I am happiest when I can take just a few items and transform them into something new. My inspiration often comes from the objects I find. Someone hands me some pickax heads and I see a pterodactyl head; two garden rakes become a centipede. I want you to see the daffodil first and then notice it is made out of shovels and post hole diggers.

I am not looking to make beautiful things—I just want to make people smile and maybe look at my work and see that things are not always what they appear to be.

Recent Milestones:

Large Lightning Bug installed at the CALS Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library & Learning Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, July 2015

Chiggers (eight individual sculptures) mounted on the side of the CALS Ron Robinson Theater in the Little Rock River Market area, October 2016

Daffodil sculpture installed in downtown Rogers at the intersection of 1st & Walnut, March 2016

Lightning Bugs installed in downtown Rogers’s pocket park, June 2016

Daisy sculpture installed in front of Rogers’s Daisy Air Gun Museum, July 2016