Tim Jacob

I began painting regularly in 2002 and use a technique I call “puddle painting.” It is watery, acrylic overlays of color, bordering on impressionism. The technique came to me after spilling coffee one morning. It is a slow process and allows me to play and have fun while painting. I also experiment with a palette knife in some portraits and Delta scenes.

Capturing light is the essence of art. Attempting to contrast both natural and artificial light is a constant theme in my cityscapes. For scenes at night and inside, I first paint my canvas black and then attempt to bring out light in each work. Although I’m far from a pluviophile, rainy night traffic is a favorite scene to paint, as the reflected light explodes from all angles.

Much of my work is of the Delta. The flat, desolate, stark countryside comes alive every spring and is unique to the Mid-South. It is a special place to me and, in many ways, a step back in history and lifestyle. The older water towers and the miles and miles of crop rows are typical of the slow-moving pace of life in the small towns of East Arkansas, Western Mississippi, and Northeast Louisiana.

I do not sign my work but instead hide the initials “JT” in each piece. It is a tribute to my son and daughter, Justin and Taylor. It started as a game when they were young, and I’ve continued it ever since.

My art has shown in San Diego, CA; Nashville, TN; and all over Arkansas.