Sharon Landon


As a child, Sharon Landon loved being sent to her room. There, she would pull out a secret stash of ink pens for use on her makeshift canvas: a tight, white, fitted sheet on her little twin bed. On it she drew decorative swirls, birds, leaves, and trees. Fashionistas adorned with dangling earrings and strings of pearls often appeared as well, posing in their beautifully patterned dresses she so carefully designed for them. Her mother quickly learned two things: hairspray dissolves ink and it is almost impossible to discipline a highly creative child.

In the years that followed, Landon’s path shifted and she found herself working in a corporate environment. As most fairytales go, however, with a fortunate turn of events, she found her way back into the world of art, earned a degree in communication design, and opened her own branding agency in northern California, which she operated for more than seventeen years. Now living the life of a multi-faceted artist and designer, Landon continues to enjoy exploring a variety of art practices and media. Although her focus has moved toward photography, pattern design, writing, surrealistic art painting, and high-end silver jewelry, her early love for graphic design is still an important part of her repertoire. Her friends and colleagues refer to her as a true Renaissance woman.

Artist’s Statement

I love how my early explorations with art have evolved into a multi-faceted creative experience in which I’ve seen the lines between painter, storyteller, graphic designer, and jewelry maker become beautifully blurred (plus I now have permission to play with fire). Many of my wearable stories are crafted to combine symbolism that represents my life experiences and travels, in addition to inspirations that come from my love of the natural world. I combine silver and semi-precious beads and jewels, and select pieces even include small original paintings. Rich jewel-tones seen in Renaissance-era paintings inspire my color choices because they stand out beautifully with black, providing a gorgeous contrast with my silver metals. Many of the patterns seen on my jewelry are my own designs created from original small paintings. This makes my wearable art works truly one-of-a-kind. Through my designs I want women to feel unique, to look distinct, and to know that their presence has been elevated to the next level of being.