Richard Prewitt

Years ago, artists crafted quality watches with beautiful designs.

My pieces display their works, while enhancing them with jewels from around the world.

I was raised in Osceola, Arkansas, and I have lived in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock for all my adult life. My career has been very diverse, from social worker to Army officer, and for the last twenty-five years I have been in real estate development. My formal art education is limited, so I am primarily self taught.

A few years ago, I found some movements from old pocket watches for sale. I knew that these were real works of art, so I bought several, not really knowing what I would do with them. With much inspiration and assistance from my daughter, Jennifer, who is a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, and input from many talented, artistic friends and neighbors, I started turning them into one-of–a-kind pieces of jewelry. Now, after much experimentation, I am offering these works for sale. The true art is in the workmanship of craftsmen many years ago; my work is to convert them from timepieces to jewelry using jewels from all parts of the world.

When not working on my newfound venture, my interests include spending time with family, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.