Old Dog Pottery

Dale and Liane Maddox’s studio, Old Dog Pottery, is located on Petit Jean Mountain in central Arkansas. This duo of potters creates handmade functional stoneware pottery. The Maddoxes work as a team, drawing inspiration from their shared life and the unique attributes each artist brings to their body of work.

The couple began their artistic sojourn in the mid-1970s while attending Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, where Dale completed a BFA with an emphasis in ceramics. A move to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale followed, where Liane completed a BA in fine arts and Dale achieved an MFA. They became inspired by the historical significance of potters from both Japan and England and the handcraft movement that evolved in the 1940s and 1950s.

In 1980, the Maddoxes took the next step toward making pottery a profession, settling in Northeast Arkansas, where a century-old former drugstore building became their studio and retail pottery shop. For 35 years, their eclectic shop and building were a well-known landmark in the area. In 2016, they moved to Petit Jean Mountain.

The intention of their work is for everyday use, to enhance the dining experience and decor in homes. The potters encourage their customers to enjoy the use of their vessels by noticing the variations of the glazes and how a mug or bowl is uniquely suited to the user’s hand.