The work of ceramic artist Nancy Conley is characterized by bold colors, varied textures, and stylized faces. Conley says, “I’ve always been drawn to forms that lend themselves to interesting surface designs. Most people seem to gravitate to color, and that’s lucky for me because every piece I do begins and ends with color in mind.”

As with so many artists, the pandemic has presented numerous challenges. She says, “Having a studio at home has been a blessing during the pandemic. Working with clay (throwing and hand-building) is a wonderful way to reduce feelings of isolation and worry. It would be my hope that everyone could have a pastime that helps them escape for a while.”

Conley did her undergraduate and graduate study at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Her work is part of private collections across Arkansas and the United States as well as in Australia. She has been a familiar face at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts for more than twenty-five years and is excited about the new facility with its state-of-the-art pottery studio.