Morgan Herndon

Morgan Herndon of North Little Rock–based MCH Artwork offers a distinct style of art through her use of traditional acrylic brushwork followed by whimsical color drips of latex paint. Embracing the organic elements of her drips, she recognizes clearly that she is bringing life to her art by allowing, rather than controlling, the paint. She highlights and identifies each of her drips by outlining them, creating order from the chaos. Resonating with her subjects in a way that is fresh and modern, she allows the viewer to transform their view of everyday “art” into a deeper connection of delight.

Herndon began her journey into painting as a means of finding light in tragedy. In 2010, she experienced heartache after losing her first husband to suicide. Raising three young boys at the time, she found a quiet canvas as a way to process her pain. This processing became the cornerstone to her creativity. Her mission was clear—for herself and others to accept the sorrow and pain in life, but to not stop there. Her art creates joy and light as reminders for all of us to continue forward in any circumstance.