Michele Cottler-Fox

I have always been fascinated by the shape and texture of fossils, twisted pieces of metal, broken shells, and glass on the beach. I hope my work gives people the same sense of something different and unique. I usually start with a stone or bead, and with the wire in my hand, a shape takes form that often calls out for something else to be fully satisfying. Until I find that thing or shape or color, I can’t stop thinking about the piece in progress. Once it is finally right, I recognize it as finished, although often it is not what I thought it would be when I started! I always wear each piece after it is made, to see how it works. Only after I finish this quality assurance step does it go to the individual who commissioned it, or to the gallery for display. I think this last step comes partly from my day job as a physician and partly from a desire to never give a piece up, because so much time has gone into thinking about it and making it. Nevertheless, sooner or later the pieces leave me, because nothing makes me feel as good as seeing someone else happy because what I made is beautiful.