Marlene Gremillion
Jewelry, Polymer, and Paintings

Marlene Gremillion, a Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, artist, enjoys creating and designing in many media and has done so for over thirty-five years. Texture, color, and light play an important role in what she designs, be it in oil, pastel, watercolor, photography, collage, glass, polymer clay, or jewelry. She enjoys working, manipulating, and creating with her hands, experimenting to see if she can come out with a pleasing artistic piece. “It sort of reminds me of being a child at play. I just enjoy having fun along with it being therapeutic for me.”

Gremillion is active in the arts and education. “I enjoy watching others learn and get excited about creating their own works. As adults, we forget to have fun. I encourage students to do just that; you must enjoy what you are doing in order to be creative, and then it shows in your works.”

Gremillion teaches at the National Park Community College in Continuing Education and at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock. She also enjoys traveling and teaching workshops. She is a registered teacher through Arts on Tour with the Arkansas Arts Council in Little Rock. A member of the International Polymer Clay Guild, she organized the Ouachita Mountain Polymer Clay Guild in 2015. It is the only active guild in Arkansas.

She is a charter member of Ouachita River Art Guild in West Monroe, Louisiana, and a member of Brush Strokes in Hot Springs Village. Gremillion is a signature member of Mid-Southern Watercolorists, Louisiana Watercolor Society, and Arkansas Pastel Society.