L.S Eldridge

L. S. Eldridge is an award-winning artist from Rogers, Arkansas. With an emphasis on still life, Eldridge’s paintings represent far-reaching topics and feature subjects that become powerful symbols in her work. Her watercolors have been exhibited across the country, and she has gained signature status in numerous organizations including the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society. Her work has been published in both books and magazines in the United States and abroad. Eldridge’s paintings are included in private and permanent collections.

Artist’s Statement:
I have always been interested in art. For my seventh birthday, I asked my parents for a bike and to visit the Tate in London. In the study of both art and mechanical drawing, I discovered the power of dynamic spatial relationships. It should come as no surprise that conceptually I explore and integrate both of these disciplines. My work focuses on the representational, with the construct telling the story while component parts challenge the viewer with clues or symbols. I am drawn to many subjects, but my favorites for reinterpretation involve bold elements that I find intrinsically charismatic. I find the timeless, compelling subject matter conjoined with the fluid medium of watercolor riveting.