Ficklesticks Fabric Jewels


Fiber artist Diana Taylor, inventor of Ficklesticks, has been an architecture aficionado since early childhood. She returned to Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2008 after spending the previous five years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her designs were sold in artisan galleries, boutiques, and museum gift shops, such as the Museum of Arts and Design and the American Folk Art Museum in New York City; the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco; the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis; and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Along the way, Ficklesticks were born. Originally, these thicker and heavier fabric-and-wire sticks served as stems for stuffed cherries and pears, legs on animals, and as parts of some very large wall weavings. In 2008, Taylor published an instructional crafts book for making Ficklesticks titled Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Ficklesticks. She has been selling her Ficklesticks art, book, and supplies for making Ficklesticks at quilt festivals throughout the United States. Taylor has lived in the Netherlands, Spain, Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana, California, and, for most of her adult life, Arkansas. It could easily be said that she has stitched her way across time and space for more than sixty years, outfitting brides, Halloweeners, cheerleaders, prom goers, drag queens, and herself and her family.

Artist’s statement

Fabric + Wire + Magic!

Legend has it that Ficklesticks were born in my garden-view basement workshop in San Francisco, California, in 2007—just before the mortgage meltdown. I was working as a realtor, but I’ve always been an artist and creator. I’ve created many things throughout my life, from dolls and wedding dresses to rugs and doilies. I discovered I was onto something when I first turned a fabric tube right side out and put wire inside. Suddenly, I could sculpt, weave, wrap, and build with fabric! I started making jewelry and sculptures. Now, I make Ficklesticks in Little Rock, with my mighty crew of four. Our fabulous jewelry is now sold by more than 350 ladies’ boutiques, museum gift shops, and art galleries!