Erin Pierce

Arkansas native Erin Pierce, the maker behind the Organized Chaos Collection, is an artist of many trades. She loves working with her hands and creates with many materials and elements, including clay, paint, metal smithing, stained glass, resin, photography, and design. She earned her BFA from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway in 2008 with an emphasis in film photography. She is now a self-employed artist living and working at her home studio in North Little Rock.

An avid forager, Pierce uses what nature provides to create her art. Wildflowers, mushrooms, sticks covered in lichens, butterfly wings, seed pods, snail shells, and other forest treasures are suspended in resin, creating a capsule of preserved nature. Often overlooked and mostly discarded, these bits of nature are brought into focus and highlighted to remind us of the beauty and intricacies of Mother Nature’s art.

Her jewelry is simple and clean, keeping attention on the colorful flowers and tiny mushrooms frozen in time. Her work with resin allows her to preserve the color, shape, and integrity of the fragile pieces of nature, so when you wear her jewelry, you are carrying a piece of Arkansas with you.

Pierce takes her art on the road and sells at markets and expos across the country. She also has a separate flower preservation business, preserving florals from weddings and memorials. She enjoys traveling, exploring nature, creating beautiful pieces with her collections, and seeing the delight on her customers’ faces when they see her work.