Eleazar Wood Company

Eleazar Wood Company began as a small family business, by another name, in the foothills of the Ozarks. Brad and Sarah Archote lived on a small farm in Arkansas and used local hardwoods to create kitchen utensils and other items. They traveled to craft shows and farmer’s markets during the 1980s and ’90s, selling and making a living from these items. Sarah’s son Seth as well as Brad and Sarah’s daughters, Jordan and Cetan, grew up on that same farm learning to make the wooden utensils. Neighbors and friends worked for the family on and off as needed.

The business went through many shifts and company names as family life changed over the years. By about 2010, Brad was handling production alone with some marketing help from Jordan. Online sales were new, and the company and craft shows were still the primary sales outlet. In 2012, Brad was diagnosed with cancer and Jordan began to manage the business while Cetan and Seth began to work in the woodshop. After Brad’s death in 2014, the business was nearly lost, but it hung on by a thread as Jordan and Cetan continued to sell at shows. By 2017, with the help of a loyal customer base and increasing online sales, Jordan moved production to Leslie, Arkansas, and set up a larger woodworking shop. Jordan is now the owner and her brother Seth is head of production working with family friend Darren Daly. Cetan and Sarah help as needed, and Jordan’s husband Ryan lends a hand in marketing and sales.

Making wooden utensils in the Ozarks has been a passion of our family since the early 1980s We enjoy the wholesome work and the ability to live and work in our hometown in this beautiful part of the country. Raising our families and being part of our local community is a priority of all of us at Eleazar Wood Company. We are excited that a little dream of our parents’ has become a thriving Ozark woodworking business. We enjoy sending our kitchenware out to folks across the nation. It’s especially pleasing to know that, just like they have served us for generations, our utensils will serve at other family gatherings, weddings, and campsites for generations to come.