Danny Broadway

As a working artist, I create art with an uncompromised passion – color, composition, line, shape and form are all essential elements used to set moods and illustrate aspects of human life. I seek to communicate with people everywhere with my work which, although I view it as the sum of my thoughts, develops a voice of its own.

I am inspired by historical themes, family stories, current issues, people, music, sounds, moods, books I read. My palette changes with the seasons too: bright in the summer and darker in winter. There are so many things that speak to me.

Currently, I am working to create a new body of work, experimenting with different media types, and striving to find that creative spark that visually evokes emotion, memory, and the senses.

As a young boy, I have memories of me and my sister mixing pigments to paint our pictures. Then, in high school, I had a teacher who recognized my potential and took the time to nurture my budding talent. I ultimately obtained a fine arts degree from the University of Memphis, where I was commissioned to provide paintings as a major feature of the University’s Black History Month. Nationwide galleries, some of the countries most respected art venues, and Fortune 500 companies have featured my work including, PBS Television, FedEx, the Memphis Grizzlies, Major League Baseball, and the National Civil Rights Museum.

My dedication to the community is evinced through my teaching students of all ages through organizations such as The Purple House, River Arts International, and Memphis Consolidated Schools. In addition, I use my talent and gallery space to rally support for charitable organizations such as the Memphis Child Advocacy Center, The American Liver Foundation, The American Heart Association, The March of Dimes, Friends for Life, Books from Birth, Tennessee Shakespeare Company, The Women’s Foundation, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Memphis.