Daaman Porcelain Jewelry

Our work is created modeling the ancient Italian glass technique known as milifiore (thousand flowers) and the Japanese clay art called nerikomi (pro: nair-ee-comb-ee). We have adapted these techniques to the 21st century using new and exciting components available to us while supporting an earth friendly working environment. We begin with powdered clay ingredients, which makes the porcelain according to our own recipe. Colorants and stains are added after the porcelain is wet to make several varieties of colored clay. We layer these colored clays in various combinations while building a large block or loaf, which creates the designs. We slice cross sections off these loaves (like slicing bread) to form each jewelry piece. These pieces are then formed, shaped, sanded and finally glazed and fired 3 times in an electric high-fire kiln. A 24-karat gold edging is applied, and the piece receives its final firing. We then embellish the jewelry with a variety of findings ranging from French hooks and semi precious stones to14 karat gold wire and freshwater pearls.

We were both raised in Northern California. We met in college while attending Humboldt State University. Jeff received a bachelor’s degree in geology and Judy received a degree in French and Psychology. They lived in Wyoming and Utah while Jeff was employed as a geologist. Jeff has a solid understanding of chemical components from his geology background, which is invaluable to manufacture clay and glazes. Judy was trained as a potter from an early age and has many years of clay experience. Together they apprenticed with a knowledgeable ceramicist in 1997 and Daaman Jewelry was created. They live on 47 acres in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and have 2 grown children.