Andrea Guidry

My love of playing in the mud began as a child, making mud pies with my cousin in the mountains of North Carolina and later at Girl Scout camp during arts and crafts. My love of art continued as I studied form, texture, and design in the process of completing a degree in fine arts. I have been playing in clay for over thirty years.

My pottery consists of hand-built and wheel-thrown pieces. Hand building one-of-a-kind, whimsical pieces of art is my specialty. Inspiration comes from nature, which surrounds me in my garden, on hikes, or during float trips down the Buffalo River. My desire is not to only make utilitarian pieces but also to create works of art to be enjoyed by the senses of touch and sight. Whether as a dish or platter to serve delicious delicacies to family and friends or displayed as a work of art, each piece has its own personality.