Placement of Free Newspapers

The intent of this policy is to provide as much free information to the public as is commensurate with operational efficiencies while fairly distributing limited space to publishers in CALS’ service area.

It is the policy of CALS to allow publishers who operate in the system’s service area to place newspaper/magazine/newsletter materials in the library for distribution subject to the following conditions:

  • All publications must meet CALS’ Selection Policy criteria for additions to the permanent collection.
  • Placement of the publications shall not interfere with the operational efficiency of CALS nor shall it detract from the aesthetics of any facility.
  • Appropriate racks/shelves shall be provided by CALS and assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • The publications must be substantially published and distributed in the CALS service area.
  • CALS shall have the authority to discontinue assigned slots for publications with poor circulation.
  • All publications must be free to the public.
  • CALS shall post a disclaimer stating that placement of a particular publication does not imply endorsement.

Policy Information

Board Policy #405
Board Approval: 09/22/90, 05/24/94, 8/22/13
Revision: 05/24/94
Director’s Recommendation: 09/22/90, 05/24/94