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Talia and Mariela Pedraza

The project of Antenas Culturales was born as an alternative for young people to learn a little more about Latin American personalities or remarkable aspects that have impacted on the history, culture and arts of our countries.

More than a year ago we began to do some investigations about prominent persons, traditions or highlights of the region, with the purpose of giving lectures in schools of different educational levels.

However, unexpectedly, the whole world had to be quarantined; so we wondered what to do with the investigations we have made. Thus, the dissertations became a monthly magazine.

We chose to do it digital because such format offers us the great possibility of being read in many places; our main objective is to impact on young people’s knowledge, with an accessible but not basic language, addressing in a simple and enjoyable way aspects of general interest in the fields of art, culture and history of the Americas.

Although it is aimed at young people, this publication can be attractive to adults.

Another of our goals is to promote a humanistic perspective and show them how people have chosen different occupations as a way of life in literature, theater, dance, cinema, poetry, architecture, urbanism, painting, photography, music.

The social networks Whatsapp and Facebook are our distribution channels; although we began distributing it in the state of Veracruz, the truth is that it has been gradually expanding its diffusion in Mexico City and the north of the Mexican Republic. We aim to expand the number of readers in and out of Mexico.

We seek to be very didactic and concrete; here is another of the benefits of being digital, because through the links that we include in the publications, readers can access more sources of knowledge, which helps arouse curiosity and encourages self-taught learning. We renounce solemnity and formality, we do not want to bore the reader, we bet on creative texts, without sacrificing quality (we hope to achieve it).

Those of us who elaborate the magazine (selection of the theme, research, writing of texts, correction, editing, design, illustration, public relations and diffusion), live in Xalapa, better known as the Atenas Veracruzana (hence the pun we make with the name of the magazine: antennas/ Athens); and that is why the section “Entre callejones y fogones” also only talks about places in the state capital.

Finally, we would like to clarify that Antenas Culturales is a non-profit publication. The advertisements section (Friendly Businesses) emerged as a way to support local commerce, during the Covid-19 emergency.

These are the links to the publications:

numero 1: julio 2020
numbero 2: agosto 2020
numero 3: noviembre 2020
numero 4: diciembre 2020
numero 5: enero 2021

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