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Six Bridges Presents: Suzanne Park, The Do-Over

Join us on Thursday, May 18, for a virtual discussion with Suzanne Park, author of The Do-Over. The program will start at 6:30. Ginger Young will moderate.

From the author of the “genuinely funny” and “delightful” Loathe at First Sight (NPR) and “cinematic, charming” So We Meet Again (Emily Henry), a comedic story about a Korean-American woman having to return to college after discovering she’s a few credits shy of completing her degree—only to find one of her TAs is her old college boyfriend.

Lily Lee is a bestselling author of the How to Be a Supernova At Work series, and her editor wants her to strike while the iron’s hot with a new book, How to Land the Perfect Job. But when Lily is offered a coveted position at a top firm, the employer background check reveals she’s short a few college credits and never actually completed her degree. Unbelievably, her worst nightmare has come true.

Lily returns to her alma mater, reliving her senior year of college ten years later. She enrolls in classes, gets invited to frat parties, eats most of her meals with “dining dollars,” and to make things even more weird and chaotic, she discovers that her computer science TA is her old college boyfriend, Jake Cho.

As Lily and Jake reconnect, she sees that her ex has done well for himself: the handsome, charming grad student appears to have his life together while Lily’s so close to losing her dream job opportunity and her book deal. Things aren’t so simple the second time around.

The Do-Over is a delightfully warm and hopeful story about second chances in love and life, and how the future we want may turn out far different than we imagined.

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Praise for The Do-Over

“With depth and warmth and wit, The Do-Over is a beautiful, hopeful portrayal of second chances in life and in love. The carefully executed portrayal of anxiety, as well as the wonderfully engrossing love story make this read a pitch perfect read. I absolutely loved every word. Suzanne Park is a hidden gem in the romance world, and The Do-Over is her best book yet.”
— Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of The Soulmate Equation

“A fantastic, empowering second chance romance that combines wit and charm with an always insightful commentary on imposter syndrome, anxiety, and the challenge of finding ourselves. Suzanne Park wrote a true gem!”
— Ali Hazelwood, New York Times bestselling author

“A satisfying story of overcoming your fears about expectations—other people’s, and your own—and figuring out your own worth. Second-chance romance meets all the other second chances we need to give ourselves.”
— KJ Dell’Antonia, New York Times bestselling author of The Chicken Sisters and In Her Boots

“Anxiety. Imposter Syndrome. Elitism. None of these are easy breezy topics—but Suzanne Park handles them all with her signature humor and heart in The Do-Over. This is Park’s best book yet—you’ll laugh a lot, swoon a little and crave ALL the sweets as you cheer for Lily Lee to get the second chance she deserves—in love and in life.”
— Ali Brady, author of The Beach Trap

“There’s nothing better than second chances, and The Do-Over gives more than one. I loved this heartwarming book, as much for the friendships as the romance. Suzanne Park has written another winner!”
— Lacie Waldon, author of The Layover

“Park’s (So We Meet Again) latest does an excellent job of navigating topics of anxiety, self-doubt, nepotism, and misogyny through an enjoyable second-chance romance with great characters. This book is an essential read and highly recommended.”
— Library Journal (starred review)

“Park’s pitch-perfect comedic timing and knack for creating heartstrings-tugging moments make this thoughtful romance really shine. This is a winner.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

Author’s message about the book:
Includes themes of imposter syndrome, anxiety, panic attacks. A blend of self-discovery and closed door romance.

About the author

Suzanne Park is a Korean American writer who was born and raised in Tennessee. As a stand-up comedian, she appeared on BET’s Coming to the Stage, was the winner of the Seattle Sierra Mist Comedy Competition, and was a semi-finalist in NBC’s Stand Up For Diversity showcase in San Francisco. Suzanne graduated from Columbia University and received an MBA from UCLA. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, female offspring, and a sneaky rat that creeps around on her back patio. In her spare time, she procrastinates. She is the author of Loathe at First SightSo We Meet Again, The Do-Over, and several young adult novels.

About the moderator

Ginger Young is a lifelong bookworm whose love of literature led her to being a teacher, librarian, and now bookseller at WordsWorth Books. A native Little Rocker and CALS supporter, she got her first library card at the Dee Brown branch and serves as Fest Guide Co-chair for the Six Bridges Book Festival. She is also ok with something shorter like Bookseller, former librarian, and Fest Guide co chair.