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Personal Archiving & Mobile Memory Lab

Personal Archiving and Mobile Memory Lab

Learn some tips and tricks for managing your family’s historic photographs and documents and scan a few using CALS Roberts Library’s Mobile Memory Lab with CALS Roberts Library staff members Heather Register Zbinden and Danielle Afsordeh.

Danielle Afsordeh, Community Outreach Archivist at the CALS Roberts Library/Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, will conduct this program with CALS Roberts Library Website & Programs Coordinator Heather Register Zbinden at Brooks Micro Library.

Attendees may register for a 30-minute time slot during the event to use the CALS Roberts Library’s Mobile Memory Lab. Roberts staff will assist folks digitizing up to five items (family documents, photographs, and slides) at the Mobile Memory Lab station. One flash drive will be provided to each family with the scanned items. We will have 6 slots available. To register for a 30-minute slot, please call community outreach archivist, Danielle Afsordeh at 501.320.5726

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Date and Time

March 30 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am