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A pair of hands holding a coffee cup and a notebook with a colorful flow chart

Hello World: Object-Oriented Code

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a powerful way to organize information inside of your code, and allow better interactions between your user and your program. So, in this final session of the Hello World series, we’ll talk about how OOP can take your code to the next level. We’ll cover:

  • building classes—the core of OOP.
  • using instances to track individual objects.
  • storing information about the objects you’re working with.
  • making your objects interactive.
  • and more!

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Attendee Information

Hello World is a series! This is the third session, so don’t forget to register for Hello World: Intro to Code and Hello World: Functions and Flow Control. You can find all three sessions here.

We’re offering this class as a Zoom webinar. Registration is required, but you can register anytime (even during the session)! And you may want to install Zoom on your computer or mobile device beforehand (which you can do by at zoom.us).

If you have questions, email digital@cals.org or call 501-918-3068.