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Glenda L. McCune-Southern Reflections

On view in the Gallery on the 3rd Floor of The Bookstore.


From Glenda L. McCune:

Art to me is an individual’s personal avenue of depicting ones inner emotions, expressions, experiences and thoughts in a creative style. Utilizing the principles and elements of art in my works make them strong in balance and composition. I love to paint scenes that depict southern culture. People picking cotton, old cotton gins, barns, people hanging clothes on the line, fishing, baptismal, shotgun houses. I like to take my viewers on a walk down memory lane. I want to leave paintings to show future generations what it was like back in the day and for them to appreciate the talents that God gives us through the appreciation of the Fine Arts. I love to work with all mediums; oil is my favorite. I like to paint people, I want to make them appear real. People and landscapes are unique, they fascinate me.

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Date and Time

May 10 @ 9:00 am - June 7 @ 5:00 pm