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closeup of a kingfisher

Dream Journaling: Animal Symbolism

From household pets to our local zoos and parks, animals are an ever-present aspect of our waking world. Have you ever wondered why a particular animal has appeared in your dreams, and what it might signify? Animal symbolism has long been a tool of the written word and can be a fun and interesting method of gleaning insight from our dreams. Get some tips and tricks on how to dream journal and explore the meaning of several animals commonly encountered in dreams. Led by J. Jobe.

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About J. Jobe

J. Jobe “The Rainbows Herself” celebrates alma maters Knox College and University of Central Arkansas. Jobe has taught regular writing workshops since 2014 through the Central Arkansas Library System, including courses on the ever-popular Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and the worldwide phenomenon that is Nanowrimo.