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woman creating an infographic on a laptop

Create an Infographic!

Need to communicate complicated information quickly and clearly? Don’t stress; impress–use an infographic! No need to start from scratch – there are templates and guides to help you make incredibly helpful and attention-grabbing infographics. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Where infographics come from
  • How to read an infographic–and teach students to do the same!
  • When to use an infographic
  • How to create one yourself
  • And more!

Attendee Info

This is a hybrid technology class-it will be offered in-person at the Main Library and online via a Zoom webinar.  Registration is required!

To register to attend the class virtually, please use the button below to register via Zoom.  It might be helpful to install Zoom on your computer or mobile device beforehand (which you can do by clicking here).

Attend the virtual session >

To attend in person at the Main Library, please use the “register” button found on this page.

If you have questions, email digital@cals.org or call 501-918-3068.

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Date and Time

April 14 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm